Bona Film Group Limited is a leading film distributor in China, with an integrated business model encompassing film distribution, production, exhibition and talent representation. Bona distributes films to Greater China, Korea, Southeast Asia, the United States and Europe, invests in and produces movies in a variety of genres, owns and operates twenty movie theaters and manages a range of talented and popular Chinese artists.

Bona Film Group distributes self-produced films through nearly all of the theater circuits in China, while joint distribution agreements with state-owned China Film Group Corporation further expand the Company’s film portfolio. In 2011, Bona distributed 14 films in China, and its 7 Chinese and Hong Kong films distributed in overseas markets generated box office revenue of over $13 million. Bona is well positioned to take advantage of the increasing popularity of Chinese films abroad through its reputation for developing quality filmed entertainment and strong relationships with distributors in markets including Korea, Japan and Southeast Asia. Bona has also expanded into non-theatrical distribution channels, including home video products, digital distribution and television. 

In addition to its film distribution and production operations, Bona owns and operates twenty movie theaters in commercial districts and residential areas in several major cities in China. Our movie theaters are affiliated with leading theater circuits in China and provide our audiences with modern facilities and top-quality amenities, drawing high traffic and making our theaters attractive for advertisers. Using the “Bona” name across physical theaters, films and talent representation has helped us build a well-known brand that we believe is synonymous with high quality filmed entertainment in China.